A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, with 4 years of service and 2 tours of overseas duty for Operation Enduring Freedom.


Mark is a nationally-awarded Physique Competitor and fitness model. As a Functional Movement Specialist, Mark has trained clients professionally in Chicago for 15 years.


Betsi Roach

When I was first told about Mark, a body builder and former Marine, I thought, “Yeah, right. So not going to connect with him.” Plus, every self-doubt about my body image arose. But upon meeting him, I found a passionate (and compassionate!) guy who wants the world to be fit, strong, free of physical pain and able to enjoy an active lifestyle. His knowledge, expertise and standards are incredibly high and in a year of working together, I don’t think I’ve had the same workout twice. His quick pace and variety of exercises definitely make the hour pass quickly! Bottom line, whatever your body type and fitness goals, Mark will work with you (and yes, push you) to be a better version of yourself.

Brett Graffy

I played a sport at the division 1 and professional levels. In all of my years interacting with trainers, Mark is hands down the most knowledgeable and innovative one I’ve worked with. I’m always impressed with his ability to introduce me to a new technique I hadn’t considered for existing exercises. I’d personally recommend Mark to anyone, at any age, with any fitness goal in mind.

Jason Bischoff

When I first came to Mark, I was suffering from shoulder, back and leg pain. After working with Mark for 20 sessions, the difference is as clear as night and day. I’m healthier, happier and stronger than ever before and It’s all thanks to working with Mark and following the training and mobility program he designed for me.

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