A Veteran of the United States Marine Corps with 4 years of service. 2 tours overseas for Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom. 4 years perfect Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Meritoriously promoted to rank of E-5 (Sergeant). Certified with the American Council on Exercise. Recently obtained a Masters Level Certification with The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association as a Biomechanical Specialist (BS).


Mark is a nationally awarded physique competitor. He’s recently been awarded contracts as a Fitness Model demonstrating his abilities. Mark has been actively and successfully training clients for 16 years. He has become one of the most reliable sources for Fitness and Nutrition in Chicago. In the Spring of 2020 he settled in Southern California to serve a community with the absolute highest standards for Fitness.



For years, I was looking for a coach to help me reach my fittest life. I noticed from the start that Mark wasn’t the typical trainer I was used to working with. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and is an amazing coach. No more boring workouts, as no session is ever the same. He also helped monitor my diet and made recommendations with my meal planning. It is because of Mark that I am now living my fittest life.


When I first started working with Mark, I was coming off having both of my hips replaced. I was in good shape, but at age 51, I wanted to slim down, improve my range of motion and get stronger. Now that I’m over 56, I’m leaner than ever, stronger than ever, and confident that’s going to continue. Mark’s knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Our workouts are never the same, and the hour flies by. I love how my overall strength and range of motion keeps improving.


I just turned 40; I’ve been working with Mark for 4 years now. It’s been life-changing. All areas of my life have improved drastically. I look and feel better then ever, and I’m pain free. After 20 years as a hairstylist, I don’t deal with any nagging shoulder pain anymore, thanks to Mark’s smart approach. I understand that a lot of really great things are happening with all of his clients and all I can say is I’m happy to be a part of it.


Mark brings considerations to every workout that touch on so much more then going heavy all the time. He reinforces proper technique, and has introduced me to so many methods to continue to improve. His realistic approach towards getting my diet to where it needs to be has been a huge part in getting my body to respond the way it has. I no longer struggle with pain issues, and my workouts keep getting better and better!


Mark is so much more than a personal trainer. He is the most knowledgeable and passionate person about fitness I’ve ever known. I’ve trained with Mark for over seven years now. I have a strong athletic background, but prior to meeting Mark my dedication to my career had taken a toll on my fitness. Mark helped me find the “old me“ very fast! His versatility and expertise guided me through two pregnancies. I worked out every step of the way safely while maintaining strength and mobility with an effective and fast recovery. I’m a 37-year-old mom with 2 toddlers and a full time job. I’ve never felt this good or been this confident in my entire life!

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