A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, with 4 years of service and 2 tours of overseas duty for Operation Enduring Freedom.


Mark is a nationally-awarded Physique Competitor and fitness model. As a Functional Movement Specialist, Mark has trained clients professionally in Chicago for 12 years.

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Mark’s an incredible trainer who’s incredibly motivating. He knows how to push me to my limits. His style of training I find positive and helpful. He is constantly taking notes on what his clients are capable of and has gotten me fit enough to do things I never thought I could. Mark mixes up my routine in a way that ensures I never do the same thing twice. He is knowledgeable, and that knowledge makes working out fun. I’ve been training with Mark since 2006—since then I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and have never felt better. I look forward to my sessions with Mark; he’s a regular part of my life.


After 11 years of working out and seeing no real improvements, I was fortunate to have met Mark. His superb program of nutrition and fitness has netted unbelievable results. In 12 sessions, I’ve lost 30 pounds—five inches from my waist, three from my hips and chest. I haven’t found it difficult to adapt to Mark’s highly effective nutritional program. I never feel empty or fatigued. The experience with Mark has taught me a great deal about the human body, nutrition, exercise, and most importantly, myself.


I’d like to thank Mark for helping me reach my goals. I knew that I had gained about 20 pounds. I tried going to the gym more often, but without someone to push me, the results weren’t anything to brag about. Mark put together a combination of intense workouts and diet strategy that really made the difference. As a former athlete, I needed a bit more of a serious push from a coach. Together, in four months of twice weekly sessions, we melted off more than 20 pounds. My waist shrank five inches. I am so impressed with Mark’s results that I’ve enlisted his help once again: focusing on muscular development.


I have worked with Mark as my trainer for about two years. Mark is confident in his knowledge and ability to urge anyone to achieve things they never imagined. Mark is patient and has, where appropriate, allowed me to work within my comfort zone. There is always, however, a next, more challenging step. I have lost 4″ from my waist, 3″ from my hips, and 20 pounds of body fat since training with Mark. My midsection and arms are both leaner. My self-esteem is much higher, and I now seem to always have energy. What I have learned from Mark about nutrition in conjunction with exercise has produced a better version of me. I have truly enjoyed working with Mark and look forward to even better things to come.

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